So this is my textiles work, that is almost finished and due in on Wednesday. We started with the initial theme of ‘Deconstruct, reconstruct’, which I then developed into ‘Recycling’. Therefore this piece is predominately made of old scraps of fabric that have been t-shirts, duvets etc, I even had a fabric sample piece from one of those fabric sample books you get in furniture stores. It also has bin liners, carrier bags, sweet wrappers and ring pulls tied onto the bottom. 

The piece was created by layering the different materials, sewing channels into it and cutting through these layers (machining something that big and thick was not easy). I then pulled the layers of fabric into different directions and sewed them, this means you can see all the layers. 

With the excess fabric I then used a craft knife to slash it (I also went right over my finger with the craft knife and cut my nail) and distressed the tassels using a soldering iron and heat gun. I am currently in the process of knotting ring pulls to them (as you can see in the photo). With the top half of excess material I am using a technique called ‘moulage’ which is the technique of moulding fabric around the body. 

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